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Your Community Center

The Kimball Memorial has a rich history as a center for community life. The building houses an auditorium and meeting area that seats up to 100 people, with a small stage and state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. On the ground floor, which houses the permanent exhibit, two rooms are in development as a Multimedia Oral History Room, in which community residents and tourists can listen to and conduct interviews, scan artifacts, interact with the Memorial’s website and virtual exhibit, as well as conduct webcasting and programming for regional, national and international outreach. Another meeting room features a historic scale model of Kimball in from the early 20th century. As a multi-purpose facility, the Kimball memorial historically hosted such diverse activities as high school proms, wedding receptions, and performances by Cab Calloway and other well-known entertainers of the day. The Kimball War Memorial was the focal point of community life for decades, serving as a cultural and social center for local citizens of all races. The Memorial continues its tradition as a living community resource and is available for a wide variety of functions, including tours, training sessions, classes, organizational meetings, organizational dinners and receptions as well as social events.

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Soldiers of the Coalfields

Rent the Facilities

Entire Building (all 3 floors): $125 an hour / $650 for full day
Auditorium: $65 an hour / $200 half day (during week) / $350 full day
Main Floor: $50 an hour / $150 half day / $300 full day
Ground Floor: $25 an hour / $200 minimum

Contact info
Clara Thompson Administrative Coordinator
Fax 585 7032
[email protected]